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Education Complex


World Class Education Complex in Hartford, Connecticut.
Built in 1985 and renovated several times between 1998 and 2004. Alternative uses include Healthcare and Hospitality.

Asking Price: $18,000,000

Building Height: 8 stories
Area of Property: 367,400 SF on 5.35 acres
Dorms/Units: 271 dorms/units each with Bathrooms on 6 floors
Surface and Garage Parking: Covered 80/Surface 200

The Property consists of a reinforced concrete framing system with brick exterior walls and
reflective glass windows.

Roof: Inverted mat down with ballast (installed 1984)
Sprinklers: Wet sprinklers

Floors 3-8
Each individual room in the tower is conditioned with an individual heat pump (293 in total)
which is part of a closed circuit cooling/heating system. The Common Area in the towers is
cooled by (2) 30 ton chillers and heated by a direct gas fired unit located in the penthouse.

Floors 1-2
Heated and cooled by the central plant, made up of (2) 500 ton centrifugal chillers and (3)
low pressure steam sectional boilers. The boilers have dual fuel capability (No.2 oil and
natural gas). Both the chillers and boilers feed steam and chilled water to 19 AHUs located
throughout the facility 1st and 2nd floor and the heat is expelled through two concrete
cooling towers located on the roof.

Three of the elevators are Otis 3,500 lb. capacity and one elevator is an Otis 4,500 lb.
capacity. There is a freight elevator on the ground level near the loading dock area, which
provides access through the first level and up to the second level in the area of the existing
kitchens. The capacity of the freight elevator is 6,500 lbs.

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