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Ultra DHA
Enhance Cell, Tissue and Organ Functions



Ultra DHA is formulated using refined oils that are concentrated from the flesh of deep sea, cold water fish and are contained in a natural preservative-free gelatin capsule for convenient consumption. Ultra DHA supplies DHA and EPA as high as 50% and 20% respectively. This product represents a significant advantage over other fish oils for the following reasons: 1) It contains more DHA than EPA. 2) It supplies greater amounts of EPA and DHA factors. In addition to the well known benefits of deep sea fish oil for their cardiovascular protective effect, high concentrations of DHA may help protect against “Hypertension ” otherwise known as high blood pressure which affects 25% of the adult population. DHA is the universal enhancer of cell, tissue and organ functions.

Ultra DHA can also help support brain function, focus and mood, which can possibly help with learning, memory and behavior issues.


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