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Orange Flavored Chewable 81mg Baby Aspirin Pain Reliever 36ct


Protect your heart and keep your blood flowing with this low-dose 81mg baby aspirin pain reliever. This Low Dose 81mg Bayer Aspirin is used to by doctors to protect your heart while increasing heart health and reducing the risk of strokes. The “baby” Aspirin Bayer regimen should only be used under the care of a doctor to optimize your benefits and ensure that your heart is being taken care of properly. Aspirin Pain Reliever can also be used for minor aches and pains. This Low Dose 81mg Bayer Aspirin utilizes a delayed reaction formula and will not provide fast relief of headaches or other symptoms, allowing for gradual and more lasting benefits. Aspirin Pain Reliever should only be used by adult patients, and each Baby Aspirin Bayer is small and easy to swallow. These pills are safety coated to provide an added layer of stomach protection and to extend release of the medication.

  • Baby aspirin pain reliever
  • 81mg
  • Orange flavor
  • Recommended by doctors for aspirin regimen use

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